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  ZeRAT e-mail and news client / GUIz shell

ZeRAT is a tiny (E)SMTP/POP3/NNTP console e-mail and news client, free from unwanted and useless bloatware features.

ZeRAT e-mail client With this program you will be able to send the mail through (E)SMTP and receive the mail through POP3 protocols from any number of accounts. It is possible to send the messages in the plain text or HTML, attach files to messages. Basic NNTP (Network News protocol) commands are also supported.

For your anonymity, ZeRAT can operate through proxy server (supports SOCKS v5 protocol). Has HMAC-MD5 and MD5 SMTP/POP3 authorization and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support.

ZeRAT can send e-mails directly to recipients, bypassing your ISP's mail server and has other unique features.

ZeRAT can work in the interactive mode which is ideal for cleaning up POP accounts, removing spam and large messages without downloading it to a local mailbox (supports national charsets and makes interactive POP session readable in most cases).

ZeRAT fits easily on a floppy, making it easy to carry around. It requires no installation and no data is saved in the registry.

If you prefer GUI instead of command line then try GUIz.

GUIz - ZeRAT shell GUIz is a graphical shell for console e-mail and news client ZeRAT. It allows you to easily control all functions of command line ZeRAT by graphical user inerface. It supports sending/receiveing/reading mail and news, delivering e-mails directly to recipients, working with socks proxy and more. GUIz has a multilingual interface. Skins (color schemes) are supported. The program package also contains console ZeRAT itself.

Download ZeRAT e-mail client
Download GUIz shell

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