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The program Ideal Partner is an advanced multilingual easy to use, but powerful tool which lets to choose the Birth Day of a person, that is right for You in respect of your Marriage and Intimate relations  more...

Ideal Partner v2.75 PRO Download Purchase
Ideal Partner self-extracting executable HTTP (692KB) Click here to purchase
(secure payment)

MegaIRC is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Client with multilingual interface and plugin support. It allows you to connect to the IRC network a virtual meeting place where people from all over the world can meet and talk   more...

MegaIRC v4.06 + SSL Download
 MegaIRC ZIP archive
 SSL Libs ZIP archive
HTTP (471KB)
HTTP (311KB)

MegaIRC Smilies Pack v1.05 Download
 Smilies Pack ZIP archive HTTP (275KB)

MegaIRC v3.30 Download
 MegaIRC ZIP archive HTTP (377KB)

MegaIRC Plugins Download
 Sentry v1.21 (controls unprintable words and flood) HTTP (31KB)
 IRCGate v1.02 (joint two IRC-servers) HTTP (58KB)
 Speech v1.00 (makes your MegaIRC speakable) HTTP (41KB)
 RSSBot v1.03 (posts news from RSS feeds) HTTP (28KB)
 WAC v1.26 (WinAmp control plugin) HTTP (28KB)
 Tarot v1.00 (Tarot plugin) HTTP (28KB)
 Weather v1.00 (displays weather forecast) HTTP (95KB)
 Hotkey v1.05 (binds hotkeys on commands) HTTP (145KB)
 Simple (plugin example with C++ and Delphi source) HTTP (19KB)

ZeRAT is a small and fast console e-mail and news client, allows you to get and send mail and news from any number of accounts. GUIz is a graphical shell for console e-mail and news client ZeRAT. It allows you to easily control all functions of command line ZeRAT by graphical user inerface  more...

ZeRAT v2.07.15 + SSL Download Purchase
 ZeRAT ZIP archive
 SSL Libs ZIP archive
HTTP (311KB)
Click here to purchase
(secure payment)

ZeRAT v2.03 Download Purchase
 ZeRAT ZIP archive HTTP (55KB) Click here to purchase
(secure payment)

GUIz v1.25 Download
 GUIz self-extracting executable HTTP (423KB)

STP allows you to convert your paper documents into PDF files. Additional functions: creating JPEG files from scanned images, PDF creation from separate JPEG files, preview with basic image editing functions (rotate, crop, resize), external preview and editing, variable compression/quality of PDF pages more...

STP (Scan To PDF) v1.50 Download
 STP ZIP archive HTTP (288KB)

Wiz Puzzle! is a modern remake of a well known logic game Fifteens. Cool graphics and music  more...

Wiz Puzzle! v1.10 Download Purchase
 Wiz Puzzle! ZIP archive HTTP (501KB) Click here to purchase
(secure payment)

And additional game modules for Wiz Puzzle! game

Wiz Puzzle! Gamepack v1.00 Download
 Wiz Puzzle! Gamepack ZIP archive HTTP (700KB)

If you want to create your own game packs for Wiz Puzzle! game try Wiz Puzzle! Development Kit

Wiz Puzzle! Development Kit *DEMO* Download
 Wiz Puzzle! DK *DEMO* ZIP archive HTTP (324KB)

Downloading and installing software
There are two different file types to download

  • A self extracting executable with a simple installation procedure
  • A ZIP file containing the executable and other program files

The self-extracting executable does not require any form of archiving software to install. It will also enable you to easily create a shortcut on the desktop if so desired.

After downloading ZIP file you should first unzip it and then launch executable.

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