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Wiz Puzzle! Project
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  Wiz Puzzle! ratings


TopShareware 5 Stars
tucows sux!
  Wiz Puzzle! Project

Wiz Puzzle! Wiz Puzzle! is a modern remake of a well known logic game Fifteens. The point is to use the vacant space to slide the blocks into serial order, leaving the space in the bottom right-hand corner of the grid.

Main features
   • graphics & music
   • smooth sliding
   • variable grid size
   • timer
   • ability to save/load game
   • gamepacks support
Wiz Puzzle! Gamepacks

If you have bored with one and same picture, you can download additional gamepacks for Wiz Puzzle!. Some of them are easy, some are very hard to beat. :-)

The discriminating particularity of this game is an use the special sound engine, which allows you to play music in YM format (yeah, from your old sweet ATARI ST or Speccy :-))

Wiz Puzzle! Development Kit

If you want to create your own gamepacks for the game try Wiz Puzzle! Development Kit. Please note that you get full version of Wiz Puzzle! Development Kit after you will register the Wiz Puzzle! game.

Download Wiz Puzzle! Project

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